RN - Community Living Center

Observes and interprets patterns of patient behavior and/or problems in operational systems or processes.
Discriminates complex patient/family symptoms and needs and/or systems issues during assessment.
Identifies intricate patient/systems problems and accurately focuses on these problem areas.
Provides age-specific care for adult, and geriatric (over 65) patients/groups including the following elements related to the aging process:
promotes independence; encourages self-care; involves family or designated caregiver with care; provides any necessary safety measures; and assists patient to cope with and/or compensate for changes affecting mobility, balance, loss, cognition, eyesight, hearing, bones, skin and thermoregulation.
Assesses age-specific care requirements and develops an appropriate plan of care.
Determines desired outcomes consistent with patient care (and/or systems/operational) issues and institutes a plan of care/action to achieve outcomes.
Willingly shares expertise with peers related to the management of safe, therapeutic care.
Anticipates emergencies, coordinates prevention and evaluates responses through critical analysis of patient situations.
Demonstrates knowledge and/ or required safety skills in area of assignment, and, when appropriate, in the following:
Emergency preparedness plan, hazardous materials and waste plan, life safety plan, medical equipment plan, and utility systems plan for the area.
Acts as a consultant in the application of the critical thinking process in documentation and reporting.
Assumes responsibility for maintaining a productive working environment.
Demonstrates professionalism in negotiation and conflict resolution to insure a productive work environment.
Provides and willingly accepts constructive criticism.
Fosters accountability for responsible decision-making among staff.
Role models the management of stressful situations.
Assesses the complex learning needs of specific patient/family cohorts.
Uses appropriate consultants, integrates recommendations into teaching plans and assures appropriate follow-up.
Evaluates patient education materials and recommends revisions based on current therapeutic modalities.
Maintains all practice-specific and specialized competencies.
Phlebotomy for Lab Draws, IV Administration, Ventilator Care, Bar Code Medication Administration, Feeding Tubes, Central Line Care, Patient Lifts.
(Complete list of expected competencies are found in the Orientation Competency Profile for NHCU Registered Nurses).

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